Meisha Merlin Publishing Closing

Publishing the Best in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

The closing of MMP, Inc. came abruptly with a website message published in June 2007, stating they would be closing their doors in July 2007. Many posts and remarks from fans and authors express great sadness that yet another independent publishing house has bitten the dust. An interview with Stephen Paget for Vision Magazine, gives a clear picture of the company’s goals and visions for the specialized science fiction genre. Their contracts to publish with the Sim-Gen series, the Virginia Edition of Robert Heinlein works and George R. R. Martin books were large chunks of business. Due to the quality required for the MMP, Inc. signature, the costs overran their ability to distribute as promised.

While there are a few negative testimonials on the internet, the initial vision of the publishing house is still admirable. The large publishers and New York influence dominates publishing in general, but neglects specialized markets, such as science fiction, out of monetary interests. The good news is that Meisha Merlin Publishing books are still available through, and Subterranean Press.

Those who have attempted to succeed in a small business when giants surround them understand the challenges Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc. experienced. A book in hand is not the only way to read. Collector books are meant to stay on a bookshelf for admiration. The emergence of eBooks and self-publishing avenues through Kindle, Audible and iBooks makes literature more accessible and ultimately more widespread.

Credit goes to MMP, Inc. for opening a noted channel for science fiction, fantasy and myth to serve a neglected literary market. Their efforts have helped new authors in the genre flourish. The classic authors have returned to resume their notoriety as pioneers of the sci-fi art of writing. The company who is named for the founders’ dogs, Meisha and Merlin, deserve appreciation for trying.